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Aromatherapy from Home

Smell is processed in the olfactory nerve of the brain, which is an area that plays a major role in controlling your mood, memory, behavior, and emotion. It is often regarded as the old or primitive part of the brain because these same structures were present in the brains of the first mammals. Science has proven that smell loss can affect one’s ability to form and maintain close personal relationships; it can even lead ​to depression. Smell loss has also been associated with Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease because an important sentimental pathway to memories is through the sense of smell.

Essential oils have the potential to detoxify and heal the physical body, as well as release and balance thoughts and emotions, and open pathways to higher consciousness. Physically, essential oils have the potential to alter bodily processes, oxygenate the brain, and restore normal functioning of the physical body. Most directly affect the nervous system and they also have an effect on the mind, emotions, and spirit, which interestingly is the direct result of their ability to physiologically change the central nervous system and key brain centers.

Aromatherapy can help improve your cognitive abilities, increase vitality, and improve your emotional well being. 

What is in our Aromatherapy Program?

  • One hour consultation to go over the issues you are wanting to address during your treatment. This session will explain how the program works and what to expect. ($45 value)
  • Essential Oil Diffuser with color LED options. ($25 value)
  • A set of 5 Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils 1oz size. ($35 - $65 value depending on the plant(s) needed)
  • Customized Aromatherapy program to follow for 3 weeks. Programs will involve different techniques such as Diffused oils, CUSTOM made essential oil massage butter, tailored application schedule along with where to massage the oils, colored light, and aromatherapy bath soaks. ($200 value)
  • 45 min. progress checks once a week. For a total of 3 therapy sessions. ($135 value)
  • Additional services can be combined with your treatment package at additional cost. Those services include Color Therapy, Crystal Therapy and Stress Management.

Personal Aromatherapy Program: $460 value

Promotional Price: $160

That’s 65% off!

Aromatherapy from home

Aromatherapy from Home
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