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Color Therapy from Home

Color Therapy is a noninvasive therapy that uses the healing energy within the visible rays of light to improve one’s health. Being a complementary therapy, it works well with other holistic treatments. As a color therapist, I will introduce the optimum balance of color energies into your system to promote healing and energetic balance.

You don’t need to be ill to undergo color therapy and benefit from it. This form of therapy encourages you to take ownership of your life and body, as well as to utilize the healing powers already inside of you. It has been used to treat many diseases including:

Asthma - Circulation Problems -  Depression - Eye Disorders

Nervous and Mental Disorders - Pain Relief

Weight Problems

What is in the Color Therapy Package?

  • One hour consultation to go over the issues you are wanting to address during your treatment. This session will explain how the program works and what to expect. ($45 value)
  • Visible Spectrum Light Lamp - You will receive a color lamp that you can use anywhere. It is waterproof/weatherproof and has all of the main therapeutic colors we will use for your treatment. ($25 value)
  • Customized light therapy program to follow for 3 weeks. Programs will involve different techniques such as light infused water, colored light, colored baths and colored fabric. ($100 value)
  • 45 min. progress checks once a week. For a total of 3 therapy sessions. ($135 value)
  • Additional services can be combined with your treatment package at additional cost. Those services include Aromatherapy, Crystal Therapy and Stress Management.

Personal Color Therapy Program: $305 value

Promotional Price: $120

That’s 60% off!

Color Therapy from home

Color Therapy from Home
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