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Aura E​mergence

Welcome to Aura Emergence. Providing holistic health care programs, coaching services and self-care products.

Our Products


At Aura Emergence, we go through great care and consideration to formulate our products using quality ingredients and no harsh chemicals. This process allows your body to rejuvenate naturally and promotes relaxation.

Bath Soaks

Our bath soaks are so good for pain and stress management that adults in high stress jobs who purchase our product and value their soak time. 

Regular Bath Soaks - 32oz for $15

Gemstone Bath Soaks - 32oz for $25

(Caution: bath soaks can make surfaces slippery.)

Bath Bombs

We specialize in the bath bomb area! You will be hard pressed to find a bath bomb that is made with ALL NATURAL products. These bombs are sensitive enough for children and are made with essential oils, not fragrance oils. The coloring is food coloring, not harsh soap coloring. 

Set of 6 large- $25

Set of 12 small bombs with toys - $35

(toys are small and could be choking hazards for small children.)

Individual - $5/bomb

Genuine Gemstone Soaps

Our gemstone soaps are hand made using essential oils, glycerin soap and genuine gemstones. Each soap is custom created so you are able to choose the color/gemstone/oils that go into making each soap. Gemstones available are: crocodile jasper, sunstone, howlite, aventurine, citrine, clear quartz, amethyst and agate. 

Set of 6 gemstone soaps - $30

Gemstone soap - $6/each

(Caution:Gemstones are small and could be choking hazard for small children.)

Handmade Soap

Our soaps are made with goat's milk. Each bar is made when you order, completely customized to your aromatherapy and skin needs. Simply email or text any special requests upon ordering.

Prices vary based on design and quantity ordered.

Body Butter

Indulge in all natural body butter that soothes even the driest skin. Our body butters contain essential oils which can assist in a variety of ailments from eczema, blemishes or relieve pain. Our Goddess Pain Relief butter is by far our top seller.

4 oz - $10/each

8 oz - $15/each